Exercise Physiology


Prescribe exercises to help manage pain, chronic conditions and improve quality of life.


Develop individually tailored exercise plans for healthy, sustainable weight management or weight loss.


Create strength and conditioning programs to improve your fitness.


Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Prescribe exercises to help manage pain, return range of motion, manage chronic conditions and improve quality of life.


We offer a variety of group exercise classes focused on balance and falls prevention, cardiovascular health, muscle/joint/bone strengthening and pain management. Enquire today!


Clinician led 1-on-1 hydrotherapy sessions focused on managing chronic injury, disease and weight management. Our clinicians can also develop and teach hydrotherapy programs for participants to complete in the comfort of their own home/local pool. 


Develop plans and supports for NDIS clients, either in the in-clinic gym, at a gym closer to home/where the client is most comfortable, or in the pool.

Why exercise physiology?

Exercise Physiologists...

  • Exercise Physiologists develop fitness and exercise programs that help participants recover from chronic disease, injury or illness by improving cardiovascular function, muscle/bone strength, flexibility and persistent pain levels.  

  • Exercise physiologists will use a thorough assessment to tailor an individualised and specific exercise program to better manage your chronic condition, pain or injury and improve your quality of life. 

  • Exercise physiologists: 

  • - Use thorough assessments to highlight focus areas and goals that form the basis of your individualised exercise plan. 

  • - Give you the knowledge and skills to self-manage chronic disease, injury and persistent pain yourself. 

  • - Create tailored exercise programs to improve your fitness, aid pre- and post-operative rehabilitation and manage chronic conditions/pain. 


Angus Keys

Exercise Physiologist


Momoka Nogita



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