NorthHab offers one-on-one hydrotherapy sessions with an accredited exercise physiologist. Hydro helps manage chronic pain and is instrumental in the rehabilitation process.

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What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An Exercise Physiologist is a university trained professional who specialises in health and fitness. An Exercise Physiologist often works in collaboration with other health professionals to tailor an individual exercise program to meet the needs of the client. Sessions may be based in a gym, at home, or in a hydrotherapy pool. Sessions can be one-on-one or in a small group (less than 10 people).

Exercise Physiologists provide professional services in the area of exercise as a treatment strategy in:

  • physical rehabilitation;

  • prevention of, and monitoring safe exercise in chronic disease states, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease; and

  • functional rehabilitation for the work-setting.  If you are injured at work we will help you get back in shape so that you are less likely to injure again. Many of our satisfied patients have found that exercise has helped them avoid reinjury.

Often, it is hard to stay on track with an exercise program.  We work with you to overcome the barriers to fitness and help you find ways to make your program varied. You will find that as you achieve your goals your motivation will improve. We will help you establish a healthy exercise habit.

Chronic Pain Management

Introducing NorthHab's PEAK Program In 2016 NorthHab Physio & Fitness is launching the Pain Education, Awareness and Knowledge (PEAK) Program. The program is tailored to people with chronic disease and chronic pain, and equips participants with invaluable knowledge and practical ways to better manage their pain and improve their quallity of life. What's involved? Before assigning you to an appropriate PEAK Program group, a one-on-one physiotherapy assessment will firstly be provided to discuss your individual needs and goals. Sessions are comprised of a 45-minute interactive education session, followed by a 45-minute exercise session at our onsite gym. We currently run three PEAK Programs which include our Type II Diabetes management, osteoarthritis and lower back pain groups. After attending a PEAK Program session, patients will be given a six-week exercise program to complete independently at home and will be advised to return for a follow up individual physiotherapy appointment at the end of the six weeks. How do I get involved? The PEAK program is designed for patients who are under a care plan or GPMP from their GP, however, everyone is welcome to attend. If you are interested, or not quite sure if the program is for you, give us a call to speak to our friendly staff or discuss it with your physiotherapist at your next appointment.


Been Told To Exercise But It Makes Your Pain Worse? Hydrotherapy is a brilliant way to exercise if you suffer from aches and pains. The water decreases the strain and compressive forces on joints, allowing you to strengthen your body without pain. Hydrotherapy is excellent for a variety of conditions including: Arthritis Knee pain Back pain Shoulder pain Neck pain Strengthening after surgery or injury We can tailor an exercise program to help you: Improve strength and endurance Decrease aches and pains Get more mobile with more energy Improve general fitness Northhab Physio & Fitness offers one-on-one 30-minute sessions with a physiotherapist weekly at Gould Adams Aquatic Centre in Kingston. Gould Adams has a heated pool with easy ramp access. Sessions are run on Thursdays between 12:00 – 2:30pm, however we can arrange other times if you are unable to attend during these hours. The physiotherapist will firstly assess you at our clinic in Crestmead to discuss your individual concerns and level of strength in order to design an appropriate hydrotherapy program. If you are interested but not quite sure if hydrotherapy is for you, please ring our friendly staff to discuss your needs.

Diabetes Management

NorthHab Physio and Fitness offers a group exercise class for people with Type II Diabetes on Tuesday mornings from 10-11am. The class is run under the care of our accredited Exercise Physiologist and combines exercise and education in a relaxed environment. Did you know? People with Type II Diabetes are eligible for a one-on-one initial assessment with our Exercise Physiologist and 8 group exercise sessions under the Medicare Enhanced Primary Care program. The program is entirely FREE for patients. Talk to your GP to find out if you are suitable for the program. Why exercise with Type II Diabetes? Improved blood sugar level (glycaemic) control Better fitness Increased strength and muscle mass Reduced blood pressure Assists in weight loss What we offer: Join at any time Friendly group exercise Discuss topics relevant to Type II Diabetics Want to get involved? Discuss with your doctor if you meet the criteria for group exercise Have your doctor fill in the Type II Diabetes form Call NorthHab Physio & Fitness to arrange an individual assessment (approx. 45 min). Bring with you: your referral letter, footwear for exercise and a water bottle.

Exercise Classes

We offer a variety of group exercise options that run throughout the week. Train with a credited exercise physiologist who understands your body and needs. NorthHab offers the perfect option for those who want to develop educated exercise habits; with small classes and proffessional help, gain the edge you need and take your personal health into your hands today. To find out more, click here.

Fitness and Weight Loss

How to get started? Finding the right fitness program may be your ticket to getting in shape! Remember it's got to be FUN!!
Ask yourself these questions... What do I enjoy doing? Cycling Walking Dancing Circuit Pilates What are my goals? Weight loss Increase strength Improve tone and body shape Increase level of fitness How do I go about it? On my own With a partner Group sessions REMEMBER, variety is the key to staying on track... If you need more motivation or like to be pushed, why not try our weekly classes? Check out our 'Exercise Classes' page for more information.

Tailor-made Tuneups

Want to start exercising but not sure where to start? NorthHab Physio & Fitness offers group exercise classes and individual sessions run by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist at our onsite rehabilitation gym. Tailor-Made Tune-Ups come in a wide range of packages to suit individual needs, so we can tailor a package just for you! These packages are great for those with chronic disease (i.e. Diabetes), getting back into exercise after injury or to help you ease back into the gym. Depending on your individual needs exercises include: Cardiovascular fitness Resistance Core strength and stability Flexibility So whatever your needs are, NorthHab is here to help you reach your goals.