In Home Healthcare

After a long period in hospital or post-surgery, you may find you are deconditioned or struggling with tasks at home. The services provided by our experienced physiotherapists and exercise physiologist aim to deliver quality rehabilitation for people to restore strength and range of motion to improve function.

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Post Hospital Rehabilitation in the Home

Experienced physiotherapists will help people to commence early rehabilitation post-surgery or hospital admission through provision of a range of services.

  • Comprehensive physiotherapy assessment and acute-subacute treatment and management plans.

  • Hands on treatment and exercise to restore range of motion and normal joint movement.

  • Soft tissue and scar massages to prevent potential scar adhesions, increase joint mobility and flexibility, and improve circulation.

  • Functional exercises to promote muscle activity affected by pain and swelling after surgery.

  • Prescription of strength and range of motion exercises to prevent deconditioning and maintain the strength around the supporting muscles and structures.

  • Mobility assessment and prescription of appropriate mobility aids. Provision of education and safe use (eg. using stairs with crutches).

Ideal for:

  • Post joint replacement surgery

  • Fracture and trauma care

  • Neurological and spinal surgery

  • Abdominal and pelvic surgery

  • Soft tissue and ligament repairs

  • Respiratory conditions and cardiothoracic surgeries

  • Mobility assessment and prescription/progression of mobility aids

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