Our Services

Child Physiotherapy


One-on-one sessions with an experienced physiotherapist. We service Medicare, WorkCover, DVA, CTP and privately insured patients.

Your physiotherapist:

  • Provide hands-on evaluation, assessment and treatment.

  • Discuss a treatment plan and at-home management strategies with you. 

  • Use a variety of treatments, which may include massage, trigger point therapy, electrotherapy, acupuncture/dry needling, cupping, joint mobilisation and manipulation, and therapeutic exercise.



A one-on-one consult with an exercise physiologist. For:

  • Pain management: Prescribe exercises to help manage pain and chronic conditions and improve your quality of life.

  • Weight loss: Develop individually tailored exercise plans for healthy, sustainable weight loss.

  • Fitness: Create a strength and conditioning program to improve your fitness.

  • NDIS: Develop plans and supports for NDIS clients, either in the in-clinic gym, at a gym closer to home/where the client is most comfortable, or in the pool.



MONDAY Balance Class

Targeted to improve overall balance. A great option for preventing falls, and improving overall stability.

TUESDAY Core & Lower Body Strength

Sick of joint pain? This class is great for those with frequent back, hip, and/or knee problems. Class members work on gentle core and lower body strengthening.

WEDNESDAY Posture & Upper Body Strength

Great for (but not limited to) those with frequent back, shoulder or neck problems. Class members work on gentle core and upper body strengthening.

FRIDAY Gentle Circuit Class

Full body fitness! Great for full body strengthening, respiratory and cardiovascular health.



Your exercise physiologist will guide you through gentle, therapeutic exercise in the pool. Hydrotherapy reduces the weight-bearing load on your joints. It is a great option for those experiencing arthritis and joint pain, recent operations such as joint replacements, or sports injuries.

Your initial appointment will be at our clinic, as we will assess you before your first pool session.