Patient and Nurse

Workplace Consulting

NorthHab Occupational Consulting is a local clinic of allied health and risk management professionals that have developed a reputation for providing sustainable injury management solutions to the businesses of Crestmead for fifteen years.


We deliver measurable health and injury services in all kinds of challenging environments ranging from large-scale projects to small business and community groups.

Pre-Employment Assessments

Pre-employment assessment determines whether prospective or returning employees are fit to perform specific tasks.


Because they outline early injury risks, PEMs can help prevent injuries, reduce absences and keep staff safe and at work. They can be conducted by physiotherapists alone or in conjunction with a doctor.

Worksite Visits

We assess the sustainability of your workplace practices and provide solutions that help keep employees safe and injury-free. 

For employees: We can assess the work environment of an injured employee and help them transition back to their usual duties.

General: We can assess a job role and provide recommendations for appropriate manual handling and injur-prevention.

In-house physiotherapy

We can provide in-house physiotherapy to a variety of workplaces, including warehouses, aged care facilities, sporting organisations, schools and more.

Manual-handling training

Our manual handling training programs are developed specifically for your workplace. We educate your staff with safe manual handling practices to reduce injury risks in the workplace. These can be acute injuries or wear-and-tear injuries which occur over time.

  1. Physios will consult with management to create a program.

  2. Physios will visit your workplace for training.

  3. Staff will be given manual handling booklets at their training session.

  4. A report will be provided.

Office Ergonomic Assessments

We assess your office space setup and help reduce injuries such as carpal tunnel and back strains.


This includes

  • screening injured employees

  • performing job task analysis

  • reviewing workstation setups

  • recommending movement strategies such as warm-up and stretching routines.


You will receive a basic report outlining our assessment and recommendations.

Our experience

Worker Lifting Cardboard Box

We understand your business and your staff are unique, that is why we partner with your worker and employer to tailor our occupational services to meet workplace and individual needs that will create sustainable value.


Some of our previous projects have included:

  • Manual handling training for food packing workers

  • First aid and manual handling training for aged care workers

  • Functional assessments for truck driver hires

  • Job task analysis for aged care workers

  • School-based athletic programs

  • School-based physiotherapy 'satellite clinic'